Taking care of the small details related to running adds up to big gains

Whoever said running was simply putting our left foot in front of our right has never seriously trained for a race. There is SO much that goes into healthy running – it can very easily be a full-time job just staying healthy! It’s no wonder there are careers built around keeping runners healthy – from acupuncture to massage therapy, cryotherapy and everything in between, there is an entire ecosystem of help to keep runners upright.

Since there is so much more to running than just the running, I’ll outline some of the important areas that we can focus on to see bigger results from the running that we do.

These tips are all things we can do – and they don’t take a lot of time, either – that add up and make a huge difference in our running.  Not only do I do indulge in these quick actions, but I ask my runners to perform them as well.

Get a Massage
Use a foam roller for 10 minutes every day to break up knots and adhesions.

Take a (Really) Cold Bath
Following speed work, soak for 10 minutes in 50*F water to reduce inflammation.

Stretch It Out
After every run stretch quads, gluteus, hams, and calves to eliminate tightness.

Put Your Feet Up
Elevate legs after intense runs for 10 minutes to drain lactic acid.

Mix It Up
On rest days spend 30 minutes doing low-impact cardio to flush waste products.

If your resting heart rate changes by 10 percent or more, take one day off.


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