Mind the Little Things

I thought this was a very key part to training and so I wanted to share it with my readers.  The topics are about being smart with your training.  There’s more to running than just running – as we all know!  The reason I really like this article is because it’s all things we can do (that don’t take a lot of time or money) but that add up and make a huge difference in our running.  They are all quick tips that I ask my online and HS runners to adhere to.  So take note!

Coach on a stability disk

It’s taken straight from Runner’s World’s June 2012 article titled “Time For A Fast 5-K”

All that hard running can take a toll, making it critical to indulge in some TLC.  Use this checklist to stay healthy through race day

Get a Massage
Use a foam roller for 10 minutes every day to break up knots and adhesions.

Take a (Really) Cold Bath
Following speed work, soak for 10 minutes in 50*F water to reduce inflammation.

Stretch It Out
After every run stretch quads, gluteus, hams, and calves to eliminate tightness.

Put Your Feet Up
Elevate legs after intense runs for 10 minutes to drain lactic acid.

Mix It Up
On rest days spend 30 minutes doing low-impact cardio to flush waste products.

If your resting heart rate changes by 10 percent or more, take one day off.


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