TrainWithMarc Success Stats – Emilio

Here is a run down of Emilio’s success since starting with TrainWithMarc:
Accountabillity:  Prior to working with TWM, I would sleep in or stay out too late and skip runs.  Now, Marc holds me to my runs – and I’m much fitter because of it.
Race Planning:  Before TWM, I would just go to a race and run; and not really think about pacing or why I was running.  Now, I have a goal and a plan to follow.  And even when I probably shouldn’t have been close to a PR, I was close to my best because I had talked to Marc about a realistic goal. 
Confidence:  With TrainWithMarc, I have the confidence that, even at my age, I can still run fast, train smart and enjoy running.  Marc has removed the guess work from training – now all I have to do is the actual running.
PR’s:  Working with Marc, I’ve set 5 PR’s and come really close in another few races!

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