TrainWithMarc Success Stats – Patty

Since working with you in January of 2011 I’ve seen massive amounts of improvements.  Take a look for yourself!
Before TrainWithMarc:
Weekly Mileage: 10 miles a week
5k: 29:30
With TrainWithMarc:
Highest Weekly Mileage: 30 miles in a week
5k: 25:45
Half Marathon:
1st HM – 2:08:59
2nd HM – 2:08:00 – a 2 minute PR!
Finished the 2011 ING NYC Marathon!
I had bad shins before I started working with you; now I have the pain under control and we are able to run, cross train and do strength training with little pain.  Also, I didn’t think I could run a half marathon or a marathon, but with your help I was able to achieve those goals.  You hold me accountable for my training.  You email me to find out how I’m doing with my running and you put constructive pressure on me if I miss a run.

Visit to find out how you can set and reach PR’s of your own!


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