TrainWithMarc – Racing April 7th and 8th

As a coach, you know you’re doing something right when 3 runners, training for different events and distances, all have huge PR’s on the same weekend.  I get this complete sense of accomplishment when I get emails with this as the subject: “Smashed it!!!!”.  You better believe my day is going to be a whole lot brighter after seeing that.

And for those runners who, day after day, log the miles to get themselves into quality racing shape…I present to you Emilio, Joe S and Alex.

Emilio laced up at the NYRR’s Scotland 10k in Central Park and as he wrote to me “Smashed it!!!!”.  I don’t really need to say much more, but alas, I will.  His pace was a speedy 8:15 per mile and placed 58th in the very competitive 55-59 age group.  His finish time of 51:06 is a whopping 53 second PR.  That’s right – almost 8 seconds a mile faster than before!  Way to go Emilio!  Keep up the great work!  Results here.

It’s hard to top a 53 second PR like Emilio did, but it’s possible that Joe may rival that success!  Joe and Alex spiked up at the Wagner Track and Field meet (Can’t find results anywhere! Let’s go Wagner!!)  Joe reported that he “accidentally” raced the 5k after not being able to make it to the 1500.  That blunder paid dividends as Joe PR’ed by 53 seconds!!!  He ran a 15:52 for a 5k; his first time under 16 minutes!

Alex has been battling a bit of a shin issue the last few weeks, but we both decided that he needed to get into a race to bust some rust and to see if the leg would hold up.  He’s been doing all the right things training-wise, it was just a matter of time before he ran a race that proved all of the work he was doing.  Alex was right behind Joe in the 16:20’s.  Alex is ready to roll – and even though this race was a good effort and test for Alex, he has plenty left for the rest of the season!

Way to go guys!  I’m super proud of you.  Keep racing at your respectively high levels!  Representing TrainWithMarc to the fullest!

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