TrainWithMarc Success Stats – Alex

“I just realized that all my PR’s(1500-5M) are from your coaching! It’s been 8-9months that we have been working together & I had made big strides forward in terms of race results, mileage, and the amount of miles I actually do in a workout.”
College PR’s:
1500 – 4:24
5k track – 16:38
8k xc – 27:32
TrainWithMarc PR’s:
1500 – 4:13
5k road race (hilly) – 16:16
8k road race (hilly) – 26:39
College Mileage and Workouts:
45 miles per week
Weekly workouts consisting of 2,000 – 3,500 meters worth of sub 5 minute pace work.
TrainWithMarc Mileage and Workouts:
60-65 miles per week
Weekly workouts consisting of 4 – 6 miles (6,400-10,000 meters) worth of threshold, interval and race pace work. 

“You made me such a better runner, thank you Marc!”

Visit to find out how you can set and reach PR’s of your own!


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