TrainWithMarc Races This Weekend

It was a great weekend for TrainWithMarc runners!  There were athletes competing across the country – from LA to NY – and from 5k’s to marathons!  TrainWithMarc runners are prepared to run fast for whatever race they choose. 
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Cindy ran a great marathon, was patient and followed her game plan to the T.  Her finishing time was 3:58:33 at the LA Marathon.  Cindy’s goal was a sub 4 marathon and she achieved her goal!  Congrats Cindy!
Kristy ran a tremendous half marathon, coming in strong to run 2:02:08.  She’s pumped and ready for her next half marathon!
Melissa ran an awesome half marathon as well.  She ran a PR at 2:02:02 at the hilly NYC Half Marathon!  Way to go Melissa!  This was a test race for Melissa as her big race is Big Sur in April.
Julie also raced a half marathon this weekend, running 2:20:30.  She noted that she felt strong even though it was hot out for her race.
Coach Marc raced the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k this weekend.  He ran 15:46 to place 20th overall and was happy about how the race played out, knowing that he is training for a half marathon, he wasn’t surprised by how he felt or the time he ran.

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