New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon

What an awesome weekend adventure I was just on!  As some of you know, I raced the New Orleans Half Marathon.  It was my second Rock N Roll event – the first being Philly in 2010, and while this race was a much slower result, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be out there racing and getting all the competitive juices flowing.
racing to your best PR
My last race – a 10k on the track on April 1st, 2011 resulted in numerous setbacks before I could really figure things out and get back to running.  It was almost 11 months to the day when I last put on a singlet and raced.  11 months with no racing!
No races in between to keep the fire burning and more setbacks than I would have liked to imagine.  It’s hard to come out of that injury-plagued, dark place and find motivation and determination and still have the desire to want to race.
So as I prepared for this race, I thought about what works best for me as an athlete as well as me as a person.  I’m busy, stressed and yet, fully motivated to train.  How can I fit in all the training I need to do and still find time to be me?!
Working on knee drive and good form after my tempo run.
I did the best I could with what I had to work with.  I didn’t have hours to train; I didn’t always have nice weather.  I wasn’t always rested; I wasn’t always prepared the best I could be.  But I made do.  I sacrificed a little and I worked as hard as I knew how.
And I did well.


I worked as hard as I could and I know that in my next race, I’ll be more prepared and ready to give it my best effort again.  The race played perfectly into my hands.  The atmosphere of the Rock N Roll race was tremendous.  The crowds were loud and ruckus!  The runners were amped up!  It was a tremendous success for both me as a runner and for RnR as a race.

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