Post-Long Run Fuel, Q & A with TrainWithMarc Runners, Part 1

This weekend, I was asked a few questions about a variety of training topics.  I thought this would be the best place to talk about them!  Here we go!  Thanks R!

Here are the first of a few that I’ve gotten.  Thanks everyone.

What should I eat after a long run?

It’s been said that even candy can be effective at helping aid you in recovery.  However, under normal circumstances, you should be having some sort of snack right after any run.  After the long run though, you should consume some form of carbohydrates and protein.  Some great examples of recovery food include: Gatorade, Endurox, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bananas, apples, etc.

When you get home, you should try consuming a more substantial meal within the first 30 minutes – 1 hour of finishing your run.  This time window is the optimum time for your body to absorb nutrients to aid in recovery.

The ultimate goal for post-run nutrition – long run or otherwise – is to get food into your body so your body can begin to recover in preparation for your next workout.

If you are having problems knowing how much you eat or whether you eat the wrong foods, you should seek a nutritionists help or look online for additional help.


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