The Benefits of Hills

TrainWithMarc has been working on training calendars for some early 2012 half and full marathons and one thing that has been noticeably added to these training plans are hills. 

I’ve found that runners who are trying to run such long races tend to neglect the hills because they are difficult to master and take a toll on your body.  However, the benefits that hill work presents is tremendous.  Hilly runs and hill workouts are great for leg strength, power, form correction, and are a great disguise for speed work.

When thinking about hill runs (or hill repeats in particular), it’s important to keep in mind that hills should be thought of as a workout.  Prepare for a hill workout as you would any other workout.  Be sure to warm up and cool down properly.

Repeats can be steady runs (think 5k-10k pace with little rest) at 300-400 meters in length, all the way down to quick repeats (think mile pace with lots of rest) at 100-200 meters in length.  Each session works different training systems, so know when and why you’re doing a particular workout before you do it.

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