Show Some Love!!

TrainWithMarc is only as strong as its runners it works with.  Every personal record you achieve strengthens what it means to be a TWM athlete.  And with that, I have a great opportunity for you to save some money and make TWM a stronger program.

Most of you are well-connected to the running and blogging communities.  The more you blog and tweet about me and TrainWithMarc, the more opportunities your followers will have in helping you save some money on your own training.  Just think, if you get your friends involved with TWM, you may not even have to pay for your own training!

So here’s my proposition to all of you:

In 2012, for every runner you refer to TWM, and they sign up for a training plan, you’ll get a $10 credit off of one monthly bill – with no limit to how many people you refer!  Getting your friends involved has never been more lucrative than right now.  So go ahead, write about me; tell everyone about your coach who’s getting you to run all of your personal bests!


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