TrainWithMarc and RunTeamKina

I have a new favorite singer/songwriter who also happens to be a runner too! Sorry Pat Dunn, you’re my old favorite!

Her name is Kina Grannis and she’s been a runner for quite some time. She’s finally hitting it big (in the music biz) and just so happens, she’s also running a half marathon. Her team reached out to me and asked for some help – and so began the Run Team Kina/TrainWithMarc partnership.

Her goals are three folded: “1) make a difference in the world and 2) make a difference in ourselves. Oh, and then there’s 3) raise $50,000 to fund a research grant in our name.” She also wants her followers to join in on the Half-Marathon training that she’s going to be doing! Her website is amazing – it has so much information about her, her music, and her running endeavors and goals.

As you’ll see on her website that the other coaches and I are all on her website, ready to dispense great information to all of her inspired runners. It’s so cool that she’s asked me to be a part of this awesome experience and I’m totally looking forward to working with Kina and her team! If you’re looking for me and the other coaches specifically, be sure to head to the “coaches” page.

Be sure to check out her website and also mine – go TrainWithMarc!


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